CFDs on Commodities

Trade crude oil, natural gas, wheat, coffee and many other global commodities.

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What Are Commodities?

Commodities are organically produced goods and can be categorized as hard and soft. Hard commodities are extracted via excavating, e.g., natural gas and oil, raw metals. Soft commodities are cultivated and harvested, e.g., cattle, corn, coffee. As a rule, large firms are the primary traders and investors in commodity marketplaces. However, thanks to the internet and the opportunities it offers, independent traders and investors have access to trading commodities.

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The Major Benefits of Trading CFDs on Commodities

Traders who choose to trade CFDs on commodities don’t have to buy anything outright. Moreover, trading CFDs is a very effective way of accessing oil and gas markets that are closed to individual traders otherwise. Also, traders enjoy bigger opportunities and more substantial income over a shorter period of time.


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